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We're thrilled to introduce our enhanced data collection feature.

When enabled, attendees will be prompted to answer your questions the second time they navigate to their gallery. They must respond to these questions before gaining access to their gallery once more. You have the option to present attendees with 1 to 3 questions.

These questions can help gather quick feedback and engage guests.

Where to enable Prompt?

You can find this option in your Event under Advanced Settings

Types of prompts

You have the option to choose from three response types: text, yes or no, or yes/no/NA.

Sample prompts

  • Did you have a great time at the event?

  • Is this your first time attending our event?

  • Would you recommend this event to a friend?

  • Did you enjoy the photo booth experience?

  • Is this your favorite event of the year?

  • Would you like us to send you event updates?

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