Branding Modes

Learn the difference between each branding mode with samples

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SpotMyPhotos offers three distinct branding options for its users. See below for more information and sample galleries.


There are three types of domains that can serve galleries to spotted attendees.

Branding Type


Small Text Citation (Bottom of Gallery)

Standard Label

"SpotMyPhotos by YourCompany"

White Label

"Interactive Photography by Your Company"

Private Label

"© ClientName"

*Text message links in both White and Private Label options will reflect (a shorter link verified domain with carriers)


SpotMyPhotos branding included along with the account holder's business name.

White Label

Account holder's business name remains featured, however SpotMyPhotos branding is removed from the attendee experience.

Private Label

SpotMyPhotos and account holder's business name are both removed from attendee experience, with the Client name remaining.

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