Highlight Gallery
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Utilizing Highlight Gallery provides an excellent opportunity to curate and spotlight particular photos that you wish to ensure all guests have the chance to view.

All photos uploaded to the Highlights tab will appear in a separate Highlights tab for all attendee galleries. Please note that Spotting and Notifications are disabled in the Highlight Gallery.

Photos uploaded to the Highlights tab will be visible to all event guests in the personal galleries. Highlight photos in an event's online gallery typically capture the most memorable and significant moments. Here are some great examples of Highlight photos:

  • Keynote speakers

  • Candid moments

  • VIP guests

  • Award presentation and more

This feature also has its own public Highlights Gallery link to share with anyone as well.

You can also generate a public Highlights gallery link to share and showcase your event's most important photos to everyone who is not using SpotMyPhotos.

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