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Gallery Notifications
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By default, all guests will automatically receive an invite notification prompting them to accept the event's terms for SpotMyPhotos. Once they have accepted the terms, they become eligible to receive notifications when more photos are uploaded.

There are two different types of photo distribution, Live and Approved. Below you can find more information on how notifications are displayed with these two types of photo distribution modes.

Remember, Spotted notifications will be disabled for all events 14 days after the event's conclusion.

Photo Distribution: Live

Attendees will have immediate access to event photos and can receive notifications when new photos are added. Please be aware that there is a brief delay/threshold in place to prevent guests from receiving an excessive number of text message notifications regarding being Spotted.

Photo Distribution: Approved

Attendees will encounter a landing page with customized terms. Upon photos being uploaded to the Approved photos section, they will start receiving notifications.

Notes About Highlights

Highlights apply to both Live and Approved events, but there are no text message notifications that are sent out when uploaded to the gallery.

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