How to un-spot a guest?
Updated over a week ago

You can un-spot guests using the Dashboard, see options below…

  1. Navigate to the event’s attendee tab and search for the guest by phone number or email address. Click on the actions menu dropdown (on the right), then click on un-spot attendee.

  2. Navigate to the event’s photos feed and click on a photo of the guest, then click on un-spot.

  • “Unspot user” is used to to remove all of a user’s spots from the entire event. This is helpful if you spot a phone number to the incorrect person and need to facilitate clean up.

  • “Unspot photo” is used when you strictly want to remove the user from a single photo. This is helpful if it is a less than ideal quality of photo that we don’t want them to receive (anything unflattering in the shot, etc.) or if it was incorrectly matched to them.

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